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Mundopán has ended 2016 with an excellent outcome and is starting 2017 by launching a new business model.

During 2016, business expansion has exceeded all expectations. As a consequence of this, this year, a new zero initial investment business model is being launched onto the market.

Mundopán, the leading specialist in home bread delivery using a thermal bread mailbox, ended the financial year 2016 with an outcome exceeding all expectations. The daily home bread delivery service expanded to another 50 locations in the last year. More and more businesses are benefiting from being part of the Mundopán brand and its Corner model.

Therefore, the company directors have created a new business model to adapt to the needs of industry entrepreneurs. This new business model gives businesses within the industry the chance to enter into the Mundopán chain “at zero cost”, reaping the benefits of belonging to a large company but without losing their own identity. Those interested will start saving from day one and, if they choose, will also experience a notable increase in profits from incorporating home delivery. This will make them stand our from the competition, and all without an initial investment.

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